I am a designer, artist and surfer from Stockholm, Sweden who have spent the last 20+ years around the world living in places like New York, London, Sydney and Canggu. These days I spend most of my days in Bali or other islands among Indonesia and I am sometimes known as “the suit man”.

I spent a bunch of time in the ad-world at large global networks or small design agencies/studios working with some world famous names. About 10 years ago I made the move to Bali, Indonesia to cut down on advertising and corporate boring shit and to stress less so that I could spend more time on my own arts and passion projects. 

Rather than going on about me, this and that etc I invite you to just have a look at my suits, art and design stuff that I do and have been doing in my life.



I started this fashion label about 10 years ago and the story of these suits could make up a whole book by itself, but the short version is: That I was already oh so sick and tired of my fellow Scandinavians dressing in strict fashion of plain safe colors and styles plus I was very uncomfortable wearing suits looking the same like every bloody Joe.

My creations speak for themselves visually and this is the reason some of the worlds best surfers, musicians, DJ´s and artists have approached me to get their own Okar Style suit.

Did I mention that time when ex-president Barack Obama commented on how dope of a suit that was in front of him, and how he also should have one? At that same venue in a different place Cate Blanchett praised another female walking around dressed in a different suit from me.

Or that other time when the band on stage closing the Noble Prize Awards after-party just so happened to all be rocking in my suits. Need say no more. Nice to be nice.



The story of my suits could make up a whole book by itself. The short version is that I always used to feel uncomfortable when wearing suits, and already being oh so sick and tired of my fellow Scandinavians dressing only in very stale fashion of plain and safe shapes and colors. I wanted to live life more in color, so I put some things together  when I moved to Canggu, Bali, Indonesia and things kind of just happened



After 20+ years in the ad-world working for large global networks or boutique design agencies /studios I made the smart move to Bali, Indonesia to spend more time with my art and own projects and less stress with advertising and corporate shit. 

Somehow in this transition, the dream project came to me called Tampah Hills and this is where you find me these days.

Tampah Hills coffee table book