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You may ask yourself

Okar is who


Rather than me bubbling on about me this and that I rather invite you to have a look at my suits, art and design stuff that I do and have been doing in my life.

My suits speak for themselves visually and this is the reason I can claim some of the worlds best surfers, musicians, DJ´s and artists have their own Okar Style suit in their wardrobe.

Not to mention that time when ex-president Barack Obama commented on how dope of a suit that was in front of him, and how he also should have one.

At the same venue in a different place Cate Blanchett was around and praised another female person walking around dressed in a different suit from me.

Another time, the band on stage closing the Noble Prize Awards after-party just so happened to all be rocking them of my suits.

i make suits

The story of my suits could make up a whole book by itself. The short version is that I always used to feel uncomfortable when wearing suits, and already being oh so sick and tired of my fellow Scandinavians dressing only in very stale fashion of plain and safe shapes and colors. I wanted to live life more in color, so I put some things together  when I moved to Canggu, Bali, Indonesia and things kind of just happened

i make art

I have many art projects going on at all times. Always did, always will. This used to feel lika a bit of a problem for me. I would start things and do them for a while, then move on to something else, something different without fully finishing. But what is being finished with something anyways… Is that when you invite the people that touched you along the way and wave goodbye to this thing called life?

i surf

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water. This may come across as a total cliché and it is, but surfing is that one thing that changed my life. Long time ago, my love left me and broke my heart. Partly to do with the surflife I lived (and still do). From there on I was in need of the ocean even more. I decided that I feel best if  I live somewhere where I have the option of surfing every day at least… and I am the captain of my own ship so.

i work

What do you actually do in Bali people often have often asked me past few years. You cannot only surf now, right? Well, fact is, I wake up to go find some waves. Then eat something. Then rest a little bit. Maybe I surf a little more then and definitely eat again. A bit of work here and there, a few beers and yet another day has passed. The surf eat sleep on repeat saga continues ha ha… Not exactly like that, but a bit.
I too have a job like all you suckers, but I am fortune enough having been a part from before the start of this dream project you might have heard of in Lombok called Tampah Hills.